Planar Bounds Fading

Adv. Log 2

Group enters city through main gate
Phixious identifies top two blacksmiths by district and location of medical supply store

The First Few Sessions

Gron the Kowski, Bob Deconstructore, and Phixious met in a small hamlet of the South Region. While enjoying some food and beverage at the tavern it is beset by Minotaurs and Babaus. While they were successful in fending off the attack, the failed to save the hamlet that ended up burnt to the ground. They headed north to the nearest town, significantly larger than the hamlet, but still no city.

They met with the Captain of the Guard and troops and aiding them in fighting off 2 ettins who were unleashed on the city, while Sir Olaf, the temporary replacement for the Captain cowered in terror. Sir Olrich replaced Olaf following the battle. Bob made a negative name for himself by feeding townsfolk diseased vermin and was arrested the next day. When in court the 3 met Betti, a local who was in trouble for another misdemeanor. Sir Phixious managed to keep them both out of trouble by taking responsibility for them and offering to help the town more.

Shortly there after the city was beset in the south by 2 hill giants, the second attack in as many days. Through quick thinking they were able to dispatch them quickly, but not without setting two buildings ablaze.

It was at this point that the Captain of the Guard admitted a secret to the adventurers and showed them that under the town’s court there was an injured Solar Angel being harbored.

The adventurers set out again to the south where the battle that had injured the angel occurred. They found a cave there that was laden with traps and unfriendly golems. After deciphering the riddle to find the source of the magic that had lead them there, they had to defeat a young blue dragon in order to recover the angel’s shield.

Upon returning the shield the angel regains some strength and requests they find his crown also. The adventurers are directed to head north to the Metropolis of Coar where they will begin to unravel more of this mystery.

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